Sunday, June 26, 2011

Veil - Dolor (2005)

Band: Veil
Album: Dolor
Year: 2005
Country: USA
Sometimes you come across a band where all the members themselfs seems to be fuckheads, but they have a special something making you listening to them anyway. This is the case with Veil. They're members of The Pagan Front, which is basically a pack of NSBM-bands promoting unpleasant stuff like "aryan pride". I feel quite bad for uploading Peste Noire not that long ago, who also have those kinds of opinions (though in a more provocative way), and I just have to say that it's not something we share. I am a bastard's daughter, and I definately not judge people by their skin colour, origin, or something else than their personality. With that been said, back to the album.
This album is actually quite ordinary. The guitars are very distorted throughout the whole album, contributing to a very cold and harsh mood. The drums are quite slow, and they basically just hang out in the background. The vocals are haunting and melts in with the music, making it an instrument. But some guitar riffs are really good and they do get stuck on your mind. The album cover and logo of the band are also an eyecatcher, if you compare it to other bands in the genre. So as a conclusion: If you're normally not into DSBM, you will probably not like this either. But if you are, you will probably find this a good album.

Song(s) you should listen to: Okay, first of all, the intro Suicide Winds is a good track to start with, since it sets the mood for the entire album. But tell me why they did include it another time, in pretty much exactly the same way as a fifth track? It just gets too repetitive.
There is also a Burzum-cover on this album on Ea, Lord Of The Depths. And it sounds pretty much like the ordinary cover. But it's good done, even though they didn't put any own touch into it.
The track you should start to listen to is actually the last track Endless Nights. It's the track which stand out the most on this album, making the other tracks sound like fillers. You will probably start to hum the guitar riff from this in your sleep.

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