Monday, June 6, 2011

Deafheaven - Roads To Judah (2011)

Band: Deafheaven
Album: Roads To Judah
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Last time we wrote about Deafheaven I wished them the best of luck in the future. That was probably unnecessary, because this album just blew my mind. And last time I also said that you would get the same feeling while listening to this band as you would with Agalloch, Wolves In The Throne Room, or Altar Of Plagues. Damn you guys to hell, I have to take those words back, because I was wrong. Again.
Even though it's their first album, they already have a picture of how they want their music to sound like, and follows that thread for every second. The most impressive part is that this is unique. This is not Black Metal, Shoegaze, Post-Hardcore, or whatever. They're not scientists or such, but they've borrowed influences from so many different genres that it is impossible to fit it into anything. Stuff such as fluttering "butterfly guitars" isn't something new, but it's already the signature of Deafheaven. And damn, those butterfly guitars are great. Combined with the pounding drums they make the whole album both intense and vulnerable at the same time.
And yeah, I know that the album cover is too lame for vikings such as us, and that they're still somewhat considered as a "hipster-band". They even have a Tumblr instead of a real band page. But come on, just watch some live clips - they know what they do, and they're tight as hell. End of discussion.

Song(s) you should listen to: Violet is a perfect opener of this album. It's slow melancholic intro will certainly get you into right state of mind before it really starts. But don't let go of all your consciousness, when the song really starts, be prepared to grab on to your chair.
Language Games is a bit more aggressive and intense, such as Tunnel Of Trees. Just the way I like it. The only song I'm not very into is Unrequited, but I know that some of you would like that as well. So just listen to the whole album.

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