Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breach - Venom (1999)

Band: Breach
Album: Venom
Year: 1999
Country: Sweden
When talking about 90's hardcore from the north of Sweden, Refused is the first band that comes to everybodys mind. Probably because of all the fuzz they created. But you see, I was born in the very south of Sweden in the very late 80's, so the Refused phenomena hasn't affected my musical manners at all. All I know is that I can get slightly agitated because there is a band that is far more valuable mentioning in my opinion...
Breach started off as a the normal hardcore band 1993, and stayed that way about 4 years. When their third release It's Me God came out, their sound changed more towards the darker direction. It was their breakthrough in Sweden, so about 2 years later, they decided to record pure madness and aggression and released Venom.
And this album is way ahead it's time I have to say. A lot of bands today would kill to have this kind of tension in their album. It sounds like your stuck in a mental asylum. The whole album is filled with very intense drumming, and heavy guitar/bass cooperations. This makes you want to destroy every piece of furniture in your apartment. The song and lyrics are also pissed off, and slightly delusional. I believe that this is somewhat of a concept album about about someone who committed murders and crimes on a regular basis, convinced that he belongs to hell. There comes a point in his life where he finds some kind of happiness, but soon all the consequences from his former actions will catch him up, making him go through hell again.

Song(s) you should listen to: I mentioned that this album was way ahead it's time. That means that it's not flawless. Unfortunately all of the songs on this album have the same elements, which makes it hard to seperate them the first times you listen to the album. They just seem to sound a bit too similar. But the most disturbing and peculiar track of this album is the last song Pentration. The song title makes a little girl like me blush, but this song will hammer into your fucking skull.


Maziyaro said...

vad tycker ni om Heretoir som släppte nytt?

Kung Knarkskog den Tredjesson said...

Har för mig att jag hört Heretoir på en fyrvägs-split. Minns dock inte hur de låter så jag antar att jag inte tyckte det var det bästa jag hört.