Friday, August 19, 2011

Chicagojazzen - Brachiosaurus II

Band: Chicagojazzen
Album: Brachiosaurus II
Year: 2011
Country: Sweden
He's done it again folks. The mastermind behind Chigaojazzen has released 17 new tracks of indie-insanity, noise-neurosis, pop-pandemonium, folk-ferocity and electro-ecstasy. You can pretty much say that this is a record that has it all. There is even a "dansbands-låt" (the English word would be country-song I guess) and manages to pull it off somehow. Every song has that special "homerecording" feeling to them. Not in a crappy-high-school-garage-band way, but in a cozy way. You can feel that this is a man that loves to have fun with all sorts of music and is very passionate about what he is doing.
The songs are pretty much what you would expect them to be if you have heard the latest album, Misantropi För Nybörjare. The first thing that strikes me is that there are a lot more vocal parts on this album, which is a good thing in my mind. Even if they mostly consist of some humming and moaning they ad an extra layer of frosting on the already sweet cake. The songtitles are once again brilliant and entertaining by themselves. For example we have Sverige Ut Ur Västerbotten! (Sweden out of Västerbotten), När Bastun Brann Ner och Bryggan Sjönk (When the sauna burned down and the bridge sank) and Jag Bröt Av Mina Briller För Att Slippa Se Dig Igen (I broke my glasses to not having to see you again). These songs are available on cassette at Native Parts Records and if you live in Sweden you can also buy it from one of the releaseshows that will be held at various parts of Sweden.

Song(s) you should listen to: To be honest I haven't had the time to listen to this that much due to my busy job schedule but I really like the first song Talar I Tungor. It's a fast and ferocious song that sounds like a mix between a theme-song from some Miami Vice-series and insane circus music. A fire starter to say the least. I'm really looking forward to listen to this on cassette.

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