Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kristian Anttila - Natta De Mina (2003)

Band: Kristian Anttila
Album: Natta De Mina
Year: 2003
Country: Sweden
Consider this as a warning, but the next four posts will not handle any pretentious metal band from hell. Instead they will be about Kristian Anttila, a peculiar outcast from Gothenburg, who decided he wanted to make music as a teenager. He tried to get into the music business somehow, but always got missunderstood because of the things he wanted to create, or by his slightly bipolar personality. He realised that he would probably have to do this journey alone, so he learned to play some instruments and wrote an album when he was 24 years old. He sended it around to some record labels, and got hooked by National, but they wanted someone else to produce the album to be able to release it. And Natta De Mina is the result of that.
Even though it's a pop album, you will get strucked be the kind of dirty and punky feel it has to it. It's very loud, and a bit hysterical and distorted at times. The lyrics are also quite extreme to be this kind of pop music. He's not afraid to say what he thinks about loaded subjects such as religion and politics, always in a very provocative way. And if that wasn't provocative enough, he most often tops it with sex, violence, and drugs. These are just some of the facts that makes his lyrics great, and if you don't know Swedish... Too bad for you.

Song(s) you should listen to: During the first two tracks Harhjärta and Hetsdöpt you will probably wonder what the fuck is going on. They're both extremely loud and eccentric. After this you will probably get your consciousness back somewhere during the rest of the album.
Kristan Anttila kind of has a trademark in making the last song of the album very soft, vulnerable, and completely wonderful. The last track is always the best when it comes to his works. And so is the case with the last track on Natta De Mina. It's a humble and sweet lullaby, making your ears a bit happier after the pop punk torture.

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